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How to Decorate Buttercream Cookies - Tips & Tricks

decorating cookies with buttercream

On this page, you will find how to decorate buttercream cookies for cookie decorating beginners. I recommend starting with the Getting Started page linked below, as it will outline the basics of learning how to decorate cookies. I also go over the common tools and products that I use and recommend in that post. 

You may be asking why you’d want to be decorating cookies with buttercream frosting as opposed to royal icing. Buttercream iced cookies are much faster to make as you don’t need to wait literally hours for the frosting to dry. Plus, buttercream frosting is far tastier than royal icing. Bake and decorate these in one day, leave them on the counter overnight, and serve to your guests the next day! It really couldn’t be easier and your guests will be impressed, no doubt.

I hope you become confident in learning how to decorate cookies with these guides. Make sure that you check back regularly as the site is updated with a new tutorial or how-to guide every Friday! 

Happy decorating!


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