Oscar's Party buttercream sugar cookies

Perfect Your Oscar’s Party with These 3 Buttercream Sugar Cookies

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Whether you are hosting an Oscar’s Party, a Red Carpet Night Party, or want some sweet desserts for prom night, these buttercream sugar cookies are the ones to make! Included in this tutorial is an easy way to create a suit decorated cookie, the perfect red lip cookie, and some gold painted star cookies. Plus, since you will likely be spending tons of time perfecting your outfit and making sure hair your looks fabulous, I’ll teach you some tips & tricks for freezing decorated sugar cookies. That way, you can decorate these buttercream sugar cookies well in advance.

Follow along for a beginner-friendly, step-by-step tutorial for these 3 perfect buttercream sugar cookies for your Oscar’s Party!

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Part 1: Gathering your Supplies for your Oscar’s Party Cookies

To create these buttercream sugar cookies for your red carpet event, you will want to gather:

You may be asking, “What are couplers?” Couplers allow you to change your tips on your icing bags. Check out my page, Getting Started: Learn How to Decorate Buttercream Cookies, to learn how to do this. Essentially, you will attach a coupler to each icing bag. When you need to attach a tip, just make sure to rinse out the previous color from the tip with hot water. Purchasing a set of couplers is pretty affordable on Amazon: 4 Count Wilton Coupler Set.

Part 2: Baking the Cookies and Setting up Your Icing Bags

  1. Roll, cut out, and bake your sugar cookies according to your cookie dough recipe.
  2. Make your buttercream icing and separate it into four bowls. Mix your light brown, black, and red gel colors into three different bowls. To achieve a nice, deep red and black, mix in just enough to get to a medium red and a dark gray. Then, place a piece of plastic wrap over the frosting and allow it to sit on the counter for a few hours to deepen. If you don’t have the time to do this, then just add more gel color. Remember that the color will still deepen as it sets.
  3. Set up your icing bags as follows: Place a coupler into each of the icing bags and add each frosting color to it’s own bag. If you don’t know how to do this, just hop over to my Getting Started: Learn How to Decorate Buttercream Cookies page. You don’t need to add a tip to any of the bags yet, as they will all be sharing the one Wilton tip #3.
  4. Prepare your gold paint. To do this, pour about one teaspoon of vodka into a small dish. The vodka will evaporate once the frosting dries, so don’t worry about alcohol content in the finished cookie. Now, dump some of the gold luster powder into the dish. You will probably add about one teaspoon as well to start. Give it a mix with your small paint brush and see how it feels. It should feel like an acrylic paint. Play with the amounts of vodka and luster powder until it feels right. If you think you poured too much vodka, let it sit out for a bit so some evaporates, rather than pouring tons of luster powder in right away.

Part 3: The Fun Part! Frosting Your Oscar’s Party Buttercream Sugar Cookies

Easy Black Suit Buttercream Sugar Cookies

First up are these super easy black suit decorated sugar cookies. Check out the video tutorial below to see how these buttercream cookies are truly beginner-friendly. Then, check out the step-by-step photo series for all of the details.

  1. Your first step will be to outline and fill in the shape of the white undershirt. To do this, attach the tip #3 to your white frosting and outline and fill in a long, skinny triangle.  
  2. Once you’ve completed step 1 for all of your suit cookies, remove/rinse/dry the tip #3 from the white frosting and attach it to the black frosting. Outline and fill in the rest of the cookie with the black frosting.  
  3. Use the black frosting to outline and fill in the bow tie. Then, add some dots of black frosting down the shirt for buttons.     Oscar's Party black suit buttercream sugar cookies

The Perfect Red Lip Buttercream Sugar Cookies

  1. To create your red lip buttercream sugar cookies, remove/rinse/dry the tip #3 from the black frosting and add it to your red frosting. Now, outline the edges of the lips and outline the lower lip.
  2. Create the top lip by drawing a curve over the center of the bottom lip. If the outline of the lips look wonky or weird (sometimes lips are hard to draw!) use a pointed knife to roll the frosting to fix any errors. You can also use the knife to pick up the frosting to “erase” it and start over.
  3. Fill in the top and bottom lips with the red frosting.
  4. Once you’ve completed steps 1-3 on your lip Oscar’s Party cookies, remove/rinse/dry the tip #3 from the red frosting and attach it to the black frosting. Now, fill in the center of the lip cookie with the black frosting. Oscar's Party red lip buttercream sugar cookies

Gold Star Buttercream Sugar Cookies

  1. To create our gold stars, you will want to remove/rinse/dry the tip #3 from the red frosting and attach it to the brown frosting. Outline and fill in the shape of the star cookies.  
  2. You can go straight in with your flat spatula to smooth your frosting if you want. I prefer to place my cookies into the freezer for about ten minutes first. This allows the frosting to slightly crust and it will adhere to the cookie, making it easier to smooth out the frosting.  
  3. Now for the extra fun part! I love painting on buttercream sugar cookies. Take your paint brush and paint on the gold luster powder/vodka mixture in small strokes. Make sure to do this gently, so as to not disrupt the frosting below.   Oscar's Party gold star buttercream sugar cookies

Well, those were your 3 easy buttercream sugar cookies to really elevate your Oscar’s Party night! If you prefer silver rather than gold, use silver luster powder instead. Change the color of the lip or add a fun tie color instead of a black bow tie. There is so much room for creativity with these cookies!

Oscar's Party buttercream sugar cookies

Storing & Freezing Decorated Sugar Cookies

A question I get asked often is if buttercream sugar cookies can be decorated ahead of time. The answer is, yes, you just want to make sure you are freezing decorated sugar cookies if you make them too far in advance. Go ahead and store these in the freezer for up to a week (you could probably get away with two weeks) in an airtight container. Something like this works great because it’s shallow. I’d recommend getting two of the containers. You will use them for other things, just like all storage containers!

I don’t like to stack the cookies in the freezer, in case the frosting sticks together. That is why I recommend the shallow but long Tupperware storage containers. You can fit a lot of cookies in one single layer. However, I have stacked cookies before, and, as long as you wait until the cookies come to room temp after removal, you can unstick them. But it’s best to be safe than sorry!

To transport your buttercream sugar cookies, use the same airtight containers that you would use to freeze them. Once you have arrived at the party location, you can plate them and stack them as you wish. Remember, they will crust over so they can still be stacked. I just like to wait until plating to start stacking them – just in case any of the cookies get minor dents.

Don’t forget to grab your party supplies!

Windy City Novelties has lots of fun stuff for an Oscar’s party or red carpet night party! You can get your own 15 foot red carpet, clapboard centerpieces, balloons, and tons more. You can even create your own custom banner. Of course, they have party supplies for just about any party. Check them out by clicking the photo link below! *Not a sponsored post but I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through this link, as I am an affiliate partner.

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Oscar's Party buttercream sugar cookies

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  1. What a fantastic idea for an Oscar’s party! These are so beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, Sue!

  2. These are beautiful, as always! I love the lips! These will not only make a fun Oscar party but for valentine’s day too! So cool!

    1. I agree that they’d be great for Valentine’s Day! Thank you so much, Emily!

  3. The lips are fabulous! They alone deserve an Oscar!!! You’ve done great work again! I would send pictures left and right to all email addresses available in Hollywood; they must be looking for creative caterers:))

    1. Thank you so much, Mihaela! You are so kind!

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