TikTok Birthday Party Cookies

TikTok Birthday Party Cookies

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Tiktok is certainly trending and so are Tiktok birthday party themes. It seems many young teens these days are asking for a TikTok party so naturally I needed to make a tutorial for some Tiktok sugar cookies. This tutorial is beginner friendly so you don’t need to worry if your decorating skills aren’t the best. What makes these cookies so easy is that the cookie cutters contains stencil lines. Plus, you only need four buttercream icing colors. Follow along for the step-by-step photo series tutorial!

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Part 1: Gathering your Supplies for your TikTok Birthday Party Cookies

To create these Tiktok sugar cookies for your teen, you will want to gather:

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*Your buttercream frosting should, ideally, be a frosting that “crusts.” This means that the frosting will form an outer crust to protect it while traveling. Check out my recipe for crusting buttercream if you don’t already have a favorite. I prefer to use the Wilton gel food dye since gel is more vibrant (i.e. more cost effective because you use less) than liquid and doesn’t change the consistency of your frosting. You can get that here: Wilton Gel Coloring 12 Count.

You may be asking, “What are couplers?”

Couplers allow you to change your tips on your icing bags. Check out my page, Getting Started: Learn How to Decorate Buttercream Cookies, to learn how to do this. Essentially, you will attach a coupler to each icing bag. When you need to attach a tip, just make sure to rinse out the previous color from the tip with hot water. Purchasing a set of couplers is pretty affordable on Amazon: 4 Count Wilton Coupler Set.

Part 2: Baking the Cookies and Setting up Your Icing Bags

  1. Prepare your sugar cookie dough according to your recipe.
  2. To cut out your TikTok cookies, you will need to do things a bit differently than usual. These cookie cutters are more in line for fondant than they are cookies. That being said, you will want to use these cutters as stencils. To do this, roll out your cookie dough and press your TikTok cutters into the dough about halfway through. Now, use a knife to cut around the outside edges of the cookie cutter. Remove the cutter and repeat this process for each TikTok cookie. Cut the number cookies out as usual.
  3. Make your buttercream icing and separate it into four bowls. Mix together your black frosting first so that it has time to set. This allows the color to deepen without needing to use more gel color. Then, mix your blue and pink frosting colors. You can leave the white buttercream undyed or make it even more white by following my tips here
  4. Set up your icing bags as follows: Place each icing color into it’s own icing bag, each set up with a coupler. If you don’t know how to do this, just hop over to my Getting Started: Learn How to Decorate Buttercream Cookies page. You don’t need to attach any tips yet.

Part 3: How to Decorate the TikTok Cookies

TikTok Music Note Cookie

  1. The first step for creating our music note cookies is to pipe out the white part of the note. Attach tip #3 to the white bag of frosting. I find it best to outline the shape first, then go back and fill. We already did the hard work of using the cutters as stencils so that when it came to drawing these 3D music notes, all we need to do is color in the lines.
  2. Once you have completed step 1 for all of the cookies, switch the tip to the pink bag of icing. To do this, remove the tip from the white frosting, rinse it with hot water, dry it with a paper towel, and then attach it. Pipe out the pink frosting on the note. You will notice that some areas are thicker than other areas, like around the curved edges for example. To achieve this easily, simply move your hand slower during the fatter sections. This allows a bit of frosting build up for a fatter line.
  3. After completing step 2, remove/rinse/dry the tip from the pink frosting and attach it to the blue. Add in your blue lines. Make sure to do this step on all of your cookies before moving to step four.
  4. This last step is optional. I kind of have a thing for black buttercream so I definitely took advantage of the black background and filled it in. If you want to fill in the background like me, remove/rinse/dry the tip from the blue icing and attach it to the black icing. TikTok Decorated Cookies

TikTok Logo Cookie

  1. First, outline and fill in the white part of the music note. Then, fill in the letters. Since the letters are likely pretty deep into the dough, you may want to fill in the letters and then draw over them again so that they are above the cookie/same level as the other frosting. Make sure to complete this step on all of the logo cookies before going to the next step.
  2. Next, remove/rinse/dry the tip #3 from the white icing and add it to the pink. Draw in the pink lines on all of your cookies and then remove/rinse/dry the tip from the pink and add it to the blue. Repeat the same process for the blue frosting.
    I took this photo a bit early – don’t forget the blue line toward the top right of the music note!
  3. Once you’ve completed all of step two, remove/rinse/dry the tip #3 from the blue frosting and add it to the black frosting. Outline the outer edge of the cookie and the music note. Then, outline the edges of the letters carefully. To do this, pipe the black frosting as close as you can to the white letters and then use the toothpick to drag the black frosting in closer to the white letters.
  4. Once the letters are outlined, go ahead and fill in the rest of the cookie.
  5. If the letters still weren’t at the same level as the rest of the frosting, use the white frosting to go over the letters once again. TikTok Birthday Party Decorated Cookies

Birthday Number Cookies

  1. To create the birthday numbers, first decide if you want to have all black numbers, all white numbers, or a mix. Then, outline and fill in the chosen color.
  2. Once you’ve created the backgrounds for all of your cookies, remove/rinse/dry the tip and attach it to the pink frosting. Add in pink “confetti” lines. Remove/rinse/dry the tip from the pink frosting and attach to the blue. Repeat the same process for blue confetti.

That’s it! I just love using these JB Cookie Cutters as guides for trademark logos. Just remember not to sell these cookies so you don’t get into any kind of trouble. If you want to recreate these TikTok decorated cookies for your own teen’s birthday party, by all means, this is what the tutorial is for! 

Packaging Buttercream Sugar Cookies

If you need to package these cookies, either individually or just to transport them, check out my post here. I have several tips and product recommendations to make your life easier.

Don’t forget to grab your TikTok party supplies!

I found some awesome TikTok party supplies on Amazon! Here are a few things I found but certainly there are tons more once you start browsing! 

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TikTok Decorated Sugar Cookies

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