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Easy & Cute Boho Rainbow Baby Shower Cookies

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For this week’s sugar cookie tutorial, I want to share these super cute boho rainbow baby shower cookies!

Of course, these boho rainbow cookies can also be used to celebrate a birthday as well.

These cookies are easy and are very attainable for the beginner. Make sure to check out the video below and then follow the step-by-step photo series tutorial!

I’ve included some helpful tips on achieving the perfect boho frosting shades as well.

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  • 4 Icing bags
  • One of each Wilton tip # 2, 3, 5, and 12
  • 4 Couplers
  • Large oval cookie cutter – I used the second largest one in this set and it was perfect: Oval Cutters, Set of 6
  • Boho brown, rose pink, light pink, and white buttercream frosting* – Check out part 2 below for tips on achieving these shades
  • Angled flat spatula
  • Non serrated straight knife
  • Your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe

Part 2: Baking the Boho Rainbow Cookies and Setting up Your Icing Bags

  1. To create your rainbow shaped cookies, first roll out your dough to your preferred thickness. Then, use the large oval cutter to cut out as many ovals as possible. You will likely need to roll out your dough several times. Then, cut each oval in half hamburger-wise. It’s okay if they aren’t perfect because the boho rainbows won’t be perfect either. It’s all part of that boho, laid-back style!
  2. While your cookies are cooling, make your buttercream frosting. To create these shades using the Wilton Gel Coloring 12 Count pack, pull out the brown, pink, and copper gels. I mixed equal parts brown, pink, and copper to create the rose pink (the darkest pink) color. To create the light pink color, I pulled out some of the rose pink frosting, added that to it’s own bowl, and then added white frosting to it. I did a ratio of 1 part rose pink to 2 parts white frosting. To make the boho brown shade, I mixed brown gel into plain white frosting. Then, I added half as much copper gel as brown into it. Remember, your shades will darken as they crust.
    I mixed equal parts pink, brown, and copper to achieve this shade, which is the darker pink shade.
    The lighter pink shade (top) was obtained by scooping out some of the darker pink shade and then adding white frosting to it. The boho brown shade (left) was obtained by mixing one part brown to a half part copper.
  3. Set up your icing bags as follows: Place each shade of frosting into it’s own icing bag with a coupler in it. If you aren’t sure how to do this, no worries, just hop over to my Getting Started: Learn How to Decorate Buttercream Cookies page. You don’t need to worry about adding any tips yet.
    *Not pictured is the white frosting. But just look at those pretty boho colors!

Part 3: The Sugar Cookie Tutorial for Achieving Boho Rainbow Baby Shower Cookies!


  1. Your first step will be to outline and fill in the shape of your rainbow cookie. Attach the tip #12 to the white frosting to do this step. It does not need to be perfect, because you will be smoothing it out in the next step.
  2. Use the flat spatula to smooth out your frosting. I just went straight in with my spatula to smooth it, but if you are new to decorating cookies, check out this page for fool-proof ways to smooth buttercream frosting: 2 Easy Ways to Smooth Buttercream for Cookies
  3. The next few steps are to create your rainbow using various tip sizes and alternating your colors. I made sure that each rainbow had all three colors and then just switched up the order and tip sizes for variation. I also added polka dots, hearts, and curvy lines to add some more boho-ness to them. You really get the chance to be creative here!
    Pro tip: to make easy hearts, attach tip #12 to the desired shade of frosting, squeeze out two dots, then use a knife to pull the dots into a point at the bottom!

I just love the boho style that has been trending for a while! I don’t know if we can even call it a trend at this point, it just seems to be a staple style now. My house even has a boho minimalism type of thing going on.

boho rainbow cookies

Don’t forget to grab your boho rainbow party printables!

Free PDF printable images for you to download and print for your boho party! Download your free full size printables here!

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boho rainbow cookies

Thank you so much for sharing, it means a lot to me! Happy decorating!

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  1. Can you freeze these cookies once frosted?

    1. Leah Buehler says:

      Yes, you can. Just place them in an airtight container in a single layer. When you’re ready to serve them, pull the container out of the freezer then wait until they defrost completely before removing from the container.

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