How to Decorate 90s Themed Cookies for Girl’s Night!

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Okay, so this year is the big 3-0 for me and I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic. Thus, I’ve decided to create these 90’s girl party cookies to share with you all!

I’ve been thinking about all the fun toys, games, TV shows, and movies that were all part of growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I actually hated barbies and dolls no matter how many times I was given them as gifts. BUT, I loved my Polly Pocket.

I am honestly not sure if I had a Tamagotchi, Giga Pet, or Nano Pet, or all three?? But, either way, I loved those virtual pets.

The Furby, on the other hand, was something that I thought I wanted but turned into a nightmare! I remember I got one when they first came out, so I think I was 8 years old, and I had heard that right when you turn them on, they tell you their name.

Well, I was so eager to play with mine, I opened it up right away in a room full of people. As you can probably guess, I missed the name. I was so mad! I decided I would still try to play with the Furby though. And I did, for maybe two months.

My sister and I actually kept our toys in our parent’s walk in closet. Looking back, this seems kind of odd. But anyway, keeping a talking toy in a closet is pretty creepy.

This toy would start talking when no one was around and I swear it was watching me. I have since overcome my fear of the Furby and believe they make the cutest cookies.

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Part 1: Gathering the Supplies for the 90s Themed Cookies

These 90’s girl party cookies would be great for a 30th birthday party too! To create these yourself, you will need:

  • 5 icing bags
  • 2 Wilton #2 tips, 3 Wilton #5 tips, and 1 Wilton #18 tip
  • 1 coupler
  • heart cookie cutter
  • oval cookie cutter (mine was advertised for Easter eggs)
  • square cookie cutter
  • Wilton gel coloring to obtain pink, purple, gray, yellow, and white buttercream frosting, here’s my crusting buttercream recipe
  • Your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe – if you don’t have a favorite, here’s mine
  • butter knife

Part 2: Setting up the Buttercream Icing Bags & Baking the Cut Out Cookies

Roll out, cut, and bake your cookies and allow them to cool. While they are cooling, whip up your frosting. To set up your icing bags, place your yellow and gray frosting into their own bags, each with a tip #2. Place your white and pink frosting into their own bags, each with a tip #5. Place your purple frosting into a bag with a coupler, setting it up with tip #5 first.

Part 3: Decorating the 90s Themed Cookies

How to Decorate 90s Themed Cookies – Polly Pocket Cookies

To create the Polly Pocket cookies, use your pink frosting to outline the edges of the heart.

Fill in the heart using horizontal lines.

Take your gray frosting and write, “Polly Pocket.” Try your best to match the font. You can see in the photo series below that I placed two dots to the left of each “P.” Using your butter knife, drag the dot out toward the top of the “P” so that you get that thin line. I used that same technique for the “e” in “Pocket.”

Draw in the two hearts under the words and then draw an oval around it all.

How to Decorate 90s Themed Cookies – Tamagotchi Cookies

For the Tamagotchi cookies, again take your pink frosting and outline the edges of the cookies. Then, outline a square in the middle of the oval.

Fill in the oval using horizontal lines.

Take your purple frosting, with tip #5 attached, and squeeze out three dots to mimic the buttons.

Use your gray frosting and fill in the screen of the Tamagotchi.

Take your yellow frosting and draw the “cracked egg” shape surrounding the screen. At least, I am assuming that’s the shape that is supposedly representing a newly hatched virtual pet?

Fill it in with the yellow frosting, using vertical lines for contrast.

Finally, take your gray frosting again and draw in the chain toward the top.

How to Decorate 90s Themed Cookies – Furby Cookies

For the Furby cookies, start with your purple frosting, again with tip #5 still on it, and outline the Furby shape.

A lot of these steps can be done out of the order that I suggest, however, I chose this order for figuring out the appropriate scale. What I personally did next was outline the shape of the eyes with the pink frosting.

With the yellow, outline the beak and the feet.

It is easiest to draw in the tummy now, so go ahead and outline the tummy shape. Fill in the feet. I then remembered to draw in the shape at the top of the eyes so I did that as well.

Fill in the pink outlines for the tummy and eyes. Then, fill in the ears with pink frosting as well.

This is when you will want to switch your purple frosting over to the tip #18. Squeeze out a small amount of frosting, while holding the bag vertically, to create the fur. Repeat this technique until all of the fur is filled in on the Furby.

Fill in the beak with the yellow frosting using vertical lines.

Then, with the yellow frosting, outline the beak again and draw in the middle line to create the upper and lower beak.

Take your white frosting and create two small circles for the eyes. It was at this point that I was reminded of the creepy Furby! But I pushed through and overcame my minute of fear.

Take your gray frosting and draw in two dots to represent the pupils. Draw three connected dots above the eyes to create the Furby’s.. reader? I’m not sure what that thing was! I think that’s how it was watching me, though. Then, take your pink frosting again and draw two half circles at the top of the eyes to create it’s eyelids.

To finish up, take your white frosting and outline the edge of the square cookie as well as the edges of the Furby.

Fill in the white background using horizontal lines and you’re all done! They look kind of cute now, right?

Part 4: Decorating the 90s Birthday Party

It’s so fun to decorate a girly 90s birthday party. Grab some balloons, streamers, tabletop confetti, and a backdrop and you’re good to go!

Save the Tutorial for Decorating 90s Themed Cookies

If you created these 90’s girl party cookies, tag me on Instagram @buttercreamparties! You can also pin one of the Pinterest pins below to save these cookies for later! Make sure to check out my Ultimate 90s Party post for more tutorials, recipes, games, decorations, and music playlists.

90's girl party cookies

90's girl party cookies

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