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Whether you’re a toddler amazed by such big mysterious creatures or you are an aspiring junior paleontologist, this ultimate dinosaur party guide is for you!

In this list of ultimate dinosaur party ideas, I include themes, decor, food, fashion, games, and activities! Find inspiration for your next dinosaur party with this guide.

Let’s get to party planning.

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Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Guests will chomp their way through these yummy dinosaur party foods!

Dinosaur Party Desserts

Who says dessert has to be last? Okay, maybe at a kid’s birthday party they should be after some nutrition is offered. I’m breaking the rules and listing desserts first, though.

What is a dinosaur birthday party without some dinosaur sugar cookies? Find the full step-by-step tutorial plus recipes for these colorful dinosaur cookies frosted with vanilla buttercream.

dinosaur party cookies

If you prefer a royal icing sugar cookie, these cute t-rex sugar cookies by Rose Bakes are the way to go. You will also find the step-by-step tutorial and recipes for these ones.

dinosaur party cookies
Image via Rose Bakes

If decorating sugar cookies isn’t your thing at all, these easy, yet impressive, dinosaur track cookies by Homan at Home are perfect!

dinosaur party cookies
Image via Homan at Home

Moving onto cake, this recipe and tutorial for making a three-rex cake by Mamas Buzz is amazing!

three rex birthday party cake
Image via Mamas Buzz

If your child won’t be three (of course you can always change the number) then you may want a dinosaur shaped cake. This fun dinosaur shaped cake by Coffee With Us 3 is actually easier than it looks thanks to the template!

dinosaur cake for a dinosaur birthday party
Image via Coffee With Us 3

If you’re doing a volcano dinosaur birthday party theme, you need this volcano cake by Boulder Locavore. It looks impressive but there is a full step-by-step tutorial to create this at home.

volcano cake for a dinosaur birthday
Image via Boulder Locavore

What kid doesn’t love ice cream? Cutefetti has the best dinosaur sundaes, complete with dinosaur gummies and dinosaur eggs.

dinosaur party dessert idea
Image via Cutefetti


Dinosaur Party Snacks & Appetizers

A fun way to serve fruit at a kid’s dinosaur party is in dinosaur track shapes! Finding Zest has an easy tutorial for creating super cute dinosaur fruit skewers along with a yogurt dip.

dinosaur party food
Image via Finding Zest

Kids love finger food snacks and this sweet and salty dinosaur snack mix by Hunny I’m Home DIY is easy and delicious.

Now if you are having a Jurassic Park themed birthday party, you will need to make these kid-friendly amber treats by Mama Likes to Cook.

dinosaur party jello
Image via Mama Likes to Cook

Kids, and adults, would get a kick out of this “nachosaurus” chip holder. Serve tortilla chips with a mild salsa, guacamole, and cheese sauce and everyone will be impressed.

Or, maybe you’d love to serve dinosaur shaped chips? Take Time for Style has the easiest tutorial and recipe for homemade dinosaur shaped chips that are sure to impress the little party goers.

You can save time by finding lots of dinosaur themed packaged snacks at the store as well. Check out these ideas!

Dinosaur Party Dishes

Dinosaur pasta is an easy way to serve a kid-approved dish at a birthday party. Little Nomads Recipes has a delicious bolognese recipe, complete with dino shaped pasta.

dinosaur party food
Image via Little Nomads Recipes

We can’t forget the dino nuggets! Air Fryer Everything has a tutorial on how to cook every child’s favorite dinosaur nuggets in an air fryer, making for a quick meal at a dinosaur birthday party.

dinosaur party food
Image via Air Fryer Everything

Dinosaur Party Drinks

For the ultimate dinosaur party punch, check out At Home With Sweet T’s Paleozoic punch, complete with dinosaur eggs.

You can serve any drink you’d like to serve when you place these fun dinosaur straws in them!

Similarly, you can serve your favorite party drinks in an awesome dinosaur bedazzled pitcher. Simply grab a cheap plastic water pitcher, some super glue, and dinosaur figurines. Glue the dinosaurs onto the pitcher and see how amazed the kids are!

Dinosaur Party Fashion

Your little one may love a good dress up party so make sure to check out these bestselling dinosaur party outfits.

Dinosaur Party Decor Ideas

Jurassic Park Party

For fans of the movie series, Jurassic Park, this dinosaur party idea is perfect. For this party theme, you’ll want to stick with more realistic dinosaurs, as opposed to cartoony looking ones. You’ll also want to bring in the jungle!

Littlefoot Party

Sticking with movies, The Land Before Time series is still popular among little ones today. For this party theme, bring along the characters of Cera, Spike, Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, and even Sharptooth if he’s not too scary!

Your colors are going to be more pastel and bright than the Jurassic Park theme. This is a great party theme for elementary aged kids, but of course, all ages can enjoy – especially 90s kids who would love some nostalgia!

The Good Dinosaur Party

The Good Dinosaur is a fun Disney/Pixar movie that would make for a great children’s dinosaur birthday party theme.

Your best color palette will be greens, blues, and browns. Avoid dinosaurs that look realistic and instead stick with the cartoon theme just like the animated film.

Girl Dinosaur Party

Many little girls love dinosaurs just as much as little boys. To take on a more girly dinosaur party theme, keep to the pastels and cute cartoony dinosaurs.

Pick your little girl’s favorite color and build the theme around that, again, bringing in pastel shades when you can. You can add glitter, stars, hearts, and more to make it super fun and cute.

Three-Rex Party Decorations

If you’ve got a soon-to-be-3-year-old, this three-rex birthday party theme is perfect. You can go with either cartoony looking dinosaurs or realistic dinosaurs. Just remember to not make anything too scary!

You, of course, need to make sure you have t-rex present at the party. If you’re afraid your little one will be too scared of t-rex, rather than getting a human sized blow up, stick to some cute stickers or napkins.

With this theme, you can go with any color palette.

Dinosaur Fossil Party Decorations

If you have a future archeologist or paleontologist in your household, host a fossil finding party. You may want to gather some archeologist costumes and some digging tools.

This is a great outdoor party theme but can also be adapted for indoor. Just make sure to hide some fossils around for the kids to dig them up!

One a Saurus Party Decorations

This adorable dinosaur party idea is for the soon-to-be-1-year-old. You can go with any color palette for this one so have fun and be creative.

I would probably stick to cartoony looking dinosaurs for this theme, as your one year old is still your little baby.

Volcano Dinosaur Party Decorations

This dinosaur party theme idea combines a tropical flair with the dinosaurs. Fans of both volcanoes and dinosaurs will love this party.

You’ll want to incorporate rich earth tones into the color palette, think red, orange, brown, and green. You can make a fun centerpiece on the table with an active volcano (remember those science experiments back in the day!) and add some dinosaurs hanging out around the volcano.

Don’t forget a tetradactyl near-by too!

Dinosaur Museum Party Decorations

Now this one is a fun one if you have a whole room or house to decorate. You will want to set up micro areas around the room/house to resemble a museum.

Think printed photos of different kinds of dinosaurs, dinosaur model balloons, printed dinosaur facts, and maybe even have an educational dinosaur show playing on a tv nearby.

Throw in some creative stations where kids can immerse themselves in the “museum.” This can look like arts and crafts, mini fossil dig sites (think sand box), and even trivia games.

Don’t forget to have a souvenir shop for party favors!

Homemade Heather has an amazing free dinosaur museum printable pack that would go absolutely perfectly with this party theme.

dinosaur party ideas dinosaur museum party theme
Image via Homemade Heather

Birthday Party Hat Dinosaurs

This is a fun modern birthday party theme that I absolutely love. For this one, your dinosaur decorations are part of the party!

You will want the dinosaurs to be wearing their own birthday party hats. Where the Smiles Have Been has a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to make the cutest party dinosaurs!

dinosaur party ideas modern birthday party hat dinosaurs
Image via Where the Smiles Have Been

Dinosaur Party Activities

Scavenger or Fossil Hunt

Your little archeologists are ready to find some dinosaurs! Either hide dinosaurs around the house to find, giving clues along the way, or hide some dinosaur fossils in the sand to be dug up.

Set up a dinosaur dig site and let the kids get to work!

This is an easy way to get everyone focused on the same activity, build up excitement, and get some energy out.

Hatching Eggs

A fun party activity is hatching your own dinosaur eggs! For this activity, have an adult prepare the hatching dinosaur eggs before the party so that the kids can “crack” them open during the party.

ConservaMom has a great hatching dinosaur eggs recipe that uses simple ingredients you already have at home.

dinosaur party ideas hatching dino eggs
Image via ConservaMom

Dinosaur Party Sensory Bin

This dinosaur party activity has toddlers in mind – a dinosaur sensory bin. Sensory bins can keep little ones entertained for quite some time, and that is saying something for a toddler!

The Mindful Toddler has the best tutorial for building an entertaining dinosaur sensory bin.

dinosaur party activities
Image via The Mindful Toddler

Dinosaur Crafts

If having a craft table at the birthday party is what your little one loves, then make sure to check out these fun dinosaur crafts.

Mama of Minis shares an easy DIY for creating paper plate dinosaurs, perfect for preschoolers and elementary aged littles.

dinosaur party crafts
Image via Mama of Minis

Another great dinosaur craft are these super cute dinosaur puppets by Moms and Crafters. You will even find a template for creating these dinos to make them that much easier.

dinosaur party craft
Image via Moms and Crafters

Having the kids make their own dinosaur headbands is a great way to spark some creativity. The Simple Everyday Mom has a tutorial plus template for making super cute dinosaur headbands.

dinosaur party craft dinosaur headbands
Image via Simple Everyday Mom

Kids love paint and these DIY dinosaur tracks from Little Bins for Little Hands is a fun way for kids to practice their stamping.

dinosaur party crafts
Image via Little Bins for Little Hands

A longer, but completely worth it and doable, dinosaur birthday party craft is to make these awesome dinosaur terrarium nightlights by Crafts by Amanda.

dinosaur party crafts
Image via Crafts by Amanda

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

If you’re going with The Good Dinosaur party theme mentioned above, these The Good Dinosaur coloring pages by Desert Chica are a super easy activity.

Living Life and Learning has another great set of generic dinosaur coloring pages that would work for any dinosaur party theme.

dinosaur party coloring pages
Image via Living Life and Learning

Dinosaur Party Games

A great children’s birthday party game is bingo. The Best Ideas for Kids has a free printable dinosaur bingo perfect for a dinosaur birthday party game.

dinosaur party games
Image via The Best Ideas for Kids

Who doesn’t love a bean bag toss game? Leap of Faith Crafting has a tutorial for how to make a dinosaur bean bag toss game for cheap!

dinosaur party games
Image via Leap of Faith Crafting

Dinosaur Party Favors

While any of the crafts mentioned above would be a great party favor, if you want to make some goody bags, here are the bestsellers!

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dinosaur party food and dinosaur party ideas

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